Z100 Elvis Duran & The Morning Show goes wild for Willow & Olivia Cake Balls-
" Holy crap these cake balls are going fast! Everyone is stuffing 
their mouth full... of balls. Carolina Bermudez fit 4! 
Thank you so much Willow & Olivia Creations! "
- Elvis Duran & The Morning Show

Holy Cow!
Let's talk decadence.
These cake balls are somewhere between cake and truffle, covered in chocolate and entirely fantastic.
I was in a bind because it was the hubby's birthday and I left the cake buying to the last minute.
I knew I didn't want to buy a whole cake so I was thinking maybe cupcakes? Or at least something small that would be festive but that would be different. So after searching the interweb and specifically Yelp I found these amazing nuggets.
I shot a frantic email to Ms. G., the proprietor and hoped for the best. 
-Giselle R. Jersey City, NJ
I ordered NY Giant cake balls from Willow & Olivia Creations for the Super Bowl and they were a great hit.  The Southern Comfort Red Velvet cake balls were absolutely delicious (so moist) and were decorated to look identical to NY Giant helmets.  And the customer service was outstanding.  I ordered late and Willow & Olivia Creations went through great lengths to ensure I received the cake balls in time for the Super Bowl party I was attending.  I will definitely be ordering more from this wonderful find! - Kathi M. -Atlanta, GA

"Thank you! Its wonderful! You have helped make my wedding anniversary perfect!"
-Eva I ( NY)

"Omg! They were so good. We had 30 of them shipped to my office in random flavors. I must say, they were moist and even though I am not a fan of white chocolate, whatever your recipe is - ROCKS.
The Southern Comfort Balls were a big hit. Will need to order double of that next time.
Will post up the pics before all of them are gone. I'm so done with cupcakes. The balls have it"
- Nina M (Brooklyn)

"These cake balls were AMAZING! I bought the coconut rum or the Island I DO and the Red Velvet covered in White Chocolate.. OMG... It was like biting in to heaven each bite... plus, I save one for each night I get off of work and have a treat and they taste just as delicious as the day before. If you want something sinfully sweet and amazing, try these!"
-Renee S ( MD)

"Our delicious Willow & Olivia cake balls arrived today and we couldn't wait to start eating them. They shipped to us in Washington state and arrived in perfect condition. Best cake balls ever!"
- Lyn (WA)

"Holy crap these cake balls are going fast! Everyone is stuffing their mouth full... of balls. Carolina Bermudez fit 4! Thank you so much Willow & Olivia Creations!"
- Elvis Duran & The Morning Show

"Shot out to willow and olivia!!!!! Best cake pops hands down!!!!!! Omg you have to try them www.willowandolivia.com thanks for the red velvet cake pops Gia!"
- The Justice Family (FL)

I ordered the carrot cake and rum ball cakes and they came last Friday. They were AMAZING!!! Notice I say "were". As in gone. Consumed. Enjoyed.
-L Manson (OR)