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The Story of Willow & Olivia

Once upon a time there were two fairy sisters named Willow and Olivia, who lived in the Land of Ning.

Willow was blessed with the gift of creating the most beautiful artwork in all of Ning and Olivia was blessed with the gift of baking the most delectable and decadent cakes in all of Ning.

One day the sisters were tasked with creating a special dessert for Queen Arianna's birthday bash. Olivia thought "How fun would it be to take the Queen's favorite cake blend it with icing, roll it into balls and then dip them in chocolate!" Willow loved the idea and thought what would make it even more special was if she decorated them. So together they worked on the most amazing cake balls for Queen Arianna's birthday bash.

At the Queen's birthday bash everyone, including the Queen herself, couldn't stop talking about Willow and Olivia's amazing cake balls and cake pops (cake balls on a stick).

That day Willow and Olivia Creations was born and has been adding a little magic in every bite for everyone to enjoy since!

©-Story by Gia & Willow & Olivia Creations, LLC